Graflex: Ciro 35

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Graflex: Ciro 35

Postby bill339 » Sun Dec 06, 2015 2:45 pm

In 1949, Ciro Cameras purchased designs for the Cee-ay 35 camera. This 35 mm camera was produced by the Candid Camera Corporation of America. Though highly influential, the Cee-ay 35 was only in production for a matter of months before Ciro-flex purchased the design and remarketed it as the Ciro-35. Ciro Cameras and all of its models were sold on October 1, 1951 to Graflex Inc. The Ciro-35 and Ciro-flex models were continued for several years under the same name but identified as Graflex products. Eventually, Graflex rebranded the models to the Graflex 22, Ciro-flex, and the Graphic 35, Ciro-35. Therefore the years of production for the Graflex Ciro 35 are 1951-1953 though the Ciro 35 was produced from 1949-1953. This information was found on “The Ohio Historical Society” site and written by E. Higgins ... os-camera/
This rangefinder camera had a unique sliding focus lever that had a pointer on one side of the lens and the lever on the other. The pointer scale was graduated from 3 foot to infinity and the mechanism was integrated with the rangefinder. The shutter was mad by Wllensak for Graflex and the camera has an f/3.5 50mm Rodenstock lens marked as a Graflex Graftar lens. Another interesting feature is the locking method for the film chamber. It is a large bar that turns from LOCK to OPEN and is easy to operate. On the inside cover of this Ciro 35 is the words “Ciro Cameras Inc, Delaware, Ohio”, to lend credence to the above paragraph.

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